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Chef Marc Johns brings high-quality dining to Arbol Residences

Chef Marc Johns

One might not expect a Le Cordon Bleu culinary graduate to be running the dining program at a senior living community, but that’s exactly where you’ll find renowned Chef Marc Johns. Why? Because everyone, no matter their age or station in life, deserves the same quality when it comes to dining out.

Chef Marc joined Arbol Residences as part of our bold plan to reimagine every aspect of senior living, including dining. If you walk into a dining venue at many retirement communities, you’ll find food that was recently frozen, poured out of a can, or mixed from a box. It might pass nutrition standards, but it certainly wouldn’t pass Chef Marc’s.

“If you step into my kitchen here at Arbol, you’ll see that we make 98% of everything from scratch,” Chef Marc said. “That includes the condiments, dressings, rolls and bread. Even the beans come in raw. We create wholesome, delicious food. Oh, and we do it without salt or sugar. It takes more work. It takes more creativity and passion. But my motto is that if it isn’t exceptional, it’s unacceptable.”

Chef Marc isn’t just elevating the menus; he’s changing the culture and reimagining what senior living dining can (and should) be. He and his kitchen staff are always inspection ready. They clean as they cook, and they bring the same high standards and intensity for sanitation, safety, and professionalism that you’d find at any quality restaurant. Something Chef Marc knows from experience.

“I’m an old-school chef. A perfectionist when it comes to the food,” he said. “If you’re paying money for food, it should be the best you’ve ever eaten. That’s the standard I set each and every day, for each meal service. No matter which venue. And no matter what level of care a resident is receiving. If I serve you something, you know my heart is on that plate.”

Even with this renewed sense of quality and passion around our upgraded dining service, Chef Marc continues to set the bar ever higher. These changes are part of Arbol Residences’ mission to offer exceptional dining atmospheres and options in every level of care. Because dining isn’t just a time to eat. It’s the occasion when we get together with friends, we connect, we share with one another.

If you’re ready to experience the kind of living you’ll love, we invite you to take a tour, join us for a meal and see the finer side of senior living.