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How Assisted Living Offers Healthy Living for Seniors

Senior woman walking with a nurse

Assisted living is designed to improve the quality of life for older adults and their loved ones. This level of care provides just the amount of support the senior requires while encouraging as much independence as possible. This expert assistance can help lighten the load of caregivers (often family members) who have assumed the responsibility of providing daily care. 

According to the Genworth Cost of Care Survey, 70% of adults ages 65 and older will require some kind of long-term care. When the right support is personalized to the senior and supports their emotional needs as much as their physical needs, the senior’s quality of life can improve dramatically.

5 Benefits of Assisted Living for Seniors

1. Independence

Given the name, assisted living, people don’t usually equate this level of care with independence, but it’s true. While some older adults worry about having to rely too much on outside help, assisted living provides a carefully balanced blend of expert support and independence. If needed, caring team members provide assistance with activities of daily living, including bathing, dressing, grooming, dining, transferring and personal care. However, if a resident can perform certain tasks for themselves, they’re encouraged to exercise as much independence as possible. And the resources of a senior living community put many more activities, fitness options and cultural opportunities at their fingertips than a typical house or apartment could.

2. Safety

Seniors who decide to age in place in their long-time residence will need to make modifications for safety or extensive in-home care. Modifications can run the gamut from mounting grab bars in the bathroom to laying carpet over flooring with less traction or installing wheelchair-friendly ramps or stair lifts — to name just a few. These alterations can be costly and can hurt the resale value of a house.

In assisted living at a senior living community, private residences and common areas have already been specially designed to enable residents to move around safely. Home maintenance is taken care of by team members. And if a senior falls or injures themselves, expert nursing staff are on-site 24 hours a day to help them.

3. Social Interaction

When mobility and self-care become more challenging, many seniors become increasingly socially isolated. But quality socialization is a vital part of healthy living for seniors. Studies show that interaction and social support keep older adults cognitively sharper, healthier and happier. Strong relationships can even help seniors live longer. Assisted living offers numerous daily opportunities for socialization, such as planned activities, classes, group exercise and event outings. Common areas, dining venues and courtyards also provide places for visiting loved ones and groups of friends to gather.

4. Peace of Mind

A senior’s health care needs often change over time. Residents in assisted living at a Life Plan Community (aka continuing care retirement community) have access to a continuum of senior care. An interdisciplinary team of professionals works with residents to design a care plan that is uniquely tailored to the resident’s needs and preferences. This plan is reviewed regularly to note any changes in a senior’s health as quickly as possible. If additional support, such as memory care or skilled nursing, becomes necessary, the resident can transition to higher levels of senior care with very little hassle.

5. Improved Relationships with Family and Friends

The benefits of assisted living are not only for seniors but also for their loved ones and family members. Often, family caregivers become responsible for helping with daily living activities like bathing, dressing, eating or toileting when an older adult lives at home. Alternately, the loved ones must find home care to help with these tasks. Either way, this responsibility can put emotional, financial and physical strain on all parties. One of the many benefits of assisted living is adult children and other family members can return to more familiar roles. Instead of worrying about caregiving duties, loved ones can focus on quality time and making memories together.

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