Holistic health: Mind, body and spirit.

Your loved one deserves to lead a full, happy and healthy life. Our focus on hospitality and well-being lets them do just that. With our holistic approach to elder care, called HealthyLife® Services, they’ll discover new opportunities in areas essential to healthy aging: fitness, active life, nutrition and well-being. It’s a program that goes beyond physical fitness, enriching eight vital dimensions of wellness:

Physical wellness

Physical wellness is the cornerstone of health. Fitness activities are led by a professional instructor and can be designed for your loved one’s specific needs and abilities. Group classes include chair yoga, tai chi, stretching and balance.

Emotional wellness

Emotional wellness helps your loved one cope with life’s challenges. Peer groups, friendships, counseling, and interactions with staff provide comfort and strength whenever they’re needed.

Social wellness

Social wellness reduces isolation and loneliness. We offer lots of fun opportunities to mix and mingle: card games, arts and crafts, movie nights, parties, special-interest groups and more.

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Intellectual wellness

Intellectual wellness is increasingly important as we age. Residents engage in opportunities for lifelong learning, brain games, book groups, educational seminars, tech workshops and friendly trivia contests.

Vocational wellness

Vocational wellness provides residents an opportunity to give back. They can share their knowledge and talents with others through volunteering, teaching, leading discussion groups and more.

Environmental wellness

Environmental wellness has a subtle but important effect on your loved one’s outlook. Our campus offers gardens and green space; clean, inviting surroundings; a friendly, caring staff; accessible technology; and festive seasonal decorations.

Spiritual wellness

Spiritual wellness strengthens hope, purpose and peace. In our community, we host visits by nondenominational clergy, with residents nurturing their spiritual selves through faith studies, prayer and meditation, musical performance and more.

Health care

Health care in the right place at the right time spells peace of mind for residents and their families. We provide a high-quality continuum of care on campus, plus routine health screenings, respite stays, short-term recuperative stays, and hospice care.

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Our promise to families.

Personal attention. Top-notch health care. Exceptional interactions. When it comes to the people you love, only the highest standards will do. We call it our LifeSTYLE Promise® — a pledge to provide choices, control and flexibility over a wide range of services. It’s rare for retirement communities to offer the opportunity to craft a senior living lifestyle as individual as the people who live there.

Charting a course for your loved one.

Highly unique to our senior living community, our Health and Wellness Director adds a vital component to overall health planning and elderly care. Their services are included with the monthly fee, helping residents maintain a healthy lifestyle and navigate any medical challenges that lie ahead.

They partner with residents and families at all stages of health. As they get to know residents better, they’re able to anticipate care needs and address them quickly. With a Health and Wellness Director at the helm, families can relax. They have peace of mind, knowing that day-to-day wellness needs and unexpected health emergencies will be met with a professional who knows just what to do.

From developing unique meal and exercise plans to scheduling appointments and transportation, our Health and Wellness Director handles all the logistics so residents can simply focus on their health. Services include:

  • Day-to-day nutrition
  • Total wellness programming
  • Preparation for hospital care
  • Outpatient follow-up
  • Transportation arrangements
  • Delivery of nutritional meals
  • Post-acute care
  • In-residence wellness checks
  • Coordinating on-campus and off-site health care
  • Expedited move-ins
  • Smooth transitions between care levels
  • Trusted hospice care resources

Curious to see how our wellness approach could benefit your loved one? Reach out to us to arrange a free evaluation.